CLE 101

Who We Are: Here at CLE Barbell Club we train to compete in the Olympic lifts. We train the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk in a group setting, with standardized and┬ápersonalized programming.┬áThe atmosphere inside CrossFit CLE is blue collar; we’re here to work and get better! Egos are left at the door, all we ask is effort.

What we do:

The competition lifts are the snatch and clean and jerk. The pure definitions are below.

Snatch – lifting the barbell from ground to overhead in one motion.

Clean – lifting the barbell from ground to shoulder in one motion, and Jerk – lifting the bar from shoulder to overhead in one motion

Training lifts vary, and include the squat, deadlift, and presses.

How We Train: At CLE Barbell Club, we train in cycles. With a calendar of events throughout the year, we set goals and cycles revolving around upcoming meets. Local events are used to qualify for larger, national events, and those events are the proving grounds for international and Olympic dreams. In addition, we test frequently in-house in training and with mock meets.

“6 for 6”